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Dr. Gorman is an amazing, kindhearted surgeon and his support staff is sincere, caring and knowledgeable. I recently had a bunionectomy and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I am 44 years old, a wife, mother and a professional in business finance. I was on the fence about having surgery but after my 1st visit I knew I was making the correct decision. I recently saw an excerpt on America Now showcasing a surgeon conducting the same procedure and in comparison, my incisions are healing much better & cleaner looking than the woman featured, which means minimal scarring. My foot looks & feels so much better now. I owe that to Dr. Gorman’s precise, deliberate and experience skill set during my procedure. Thank you Dr. Gorman for making a scary experience the best it could have been.

Due to your customer service over the phone, we choose your office because your receptionist was very polite, calm, and professional. Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Mark E.

This was by far the best experience I have ever had concerning my ingrown toenail. I was so scared to get this procedure done and Dr. Gorman was was so gentle, his bed side manner is so wonderful, and the staff was excellent!! I highly recommend Dr. Gorman. Thank you so much, A.L.

Very pleased with Dr. and staff. Very courteous and helpful staff and excellent care. Both myself and husband who is a diabetic. Mr. and Mrs. Robert M

Being a patient of Dr. Ike Gorman and Dr. Lourdes Gorman is the best thing that has ever happened to my feet! Thank you for relieving my foot pain and giving me a new lease on life. Sincerely, N.J.L.

I have had a foot operation and foot care by Dr. Gorman for several years. He is an excellent surgeon and physician. B.C.

I like Dr Gorman because I feel/believe he is competent, friendly, and good natured. You will also like the fact that he is low key. His office/staff are very efficient and the waiting room environment is interesting and soothing.Thanks, Tony V.

This whole experience with foot surgery was great! I feel normal, I give this 100% support. T.M.

Dr. Gorman recommended a foot cream to help with the pain in my toes. One application and the pain was gone in 2 days and hasn't returned. The plantar fasciitis that developed was taken care of with a cortisone shot. Two days later and the pain was gone and hasn't returned. Hopefully I won't have any other foot problems but if I do I will be seeing Dr. Gorman. M.H.

Glad I found you in the phone book. You did great, Thanks! D.S.

I have had plantar fasciitis since 2007 and have seen many doctors with no relief of my pain. Came across Dr.Gorman almost a year ago and have had amazing treatment. He is very caring and was concerned that my pain get treated. After many steps, we finally got to the need for surgery. The surgery was quick and precise. I had minimal pain right after surgery and was walking the day of the surgery,with help from a walking cast. The scar is hardly visible and the wound healed up perfectly in just six weeks. It is now three months out and my foot is pain-free. Have recommended Dr. Gorman to everyone I know. A.G.

I recently had EPAT treatment for a heel spur which was very successful. Dr. Gorman is a caring doctor as is the staff. Certainly would recommend. (in fact already have.), K.S.

Thanks to Dr. Gorman and staff, I am free from extreme pain in my heels and feet that I have suffered since 2007. The EPAT and TOPAZ procedures were a success and I am so grateful. The Doctor really cares and I am recommending him to all my friends. B.B.

Dr Ike Gorman worked wonders on my foot. After 1 visit and following instructions I regained full use of my foot with no further pain. I highly recommend him for any foot problems. J.B.

Dr Ike Gorman is a great foot surgeon, I highly recommend him to anyone. A.R.

I really did like Dr Gorman, I will return for more care, thanks Dr Gorman. O.H.

My name is Robin, I told my friend that for 1 1/2 years I have been cutting out this growth but it comes back bigger, she said you need Dr. Gorman. He is the kindest, smartest, and great with your feet. I said okay-so here I am, happy, happy for the first time! Thank you Dr Gorman

I had a wonderful experience having my foot taken care of by Dr Gorman. The surgery on my foot went very well. I would recommend him for foot care. Alicia

I found Dr Gorman one day browsing the internet. I had been suffering from plantar warts and every dermatologist I had tried to get into was booked for months. His office was able to schedule me the very same day I called! I had 3 treatments for my plantar warts, they covered a large portion of the bottom of my right foot. After those treatments my plantar warts were completely gone!!Having dealt with them for years this was such a relief. Not only do his treatments work but he is definitely the nicest Dr. I have ever visited, very personable and explains everything to you. Very satisfied and I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a podiatrist! Ashley


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "I can finally walk around pain free."
    Stephanie De Leon
  • "Dr. Gorman provided me with excellent care when I needed it the most."
    Jennifer R.